I would like an account abroad

Whether you're emigrating, retiring, studying or working abroad, or need an international account to help you facilitate your banking overseas, we are here to help.

If you are applying for an account overseas you need to be an existing current account customer of HSBC UK. Any overseas account is subject to the terms and conditions applying to the account locally in that overseas country.


  • Account set up in advance
    If you are moving abroad you can open your new account before you leave so it’s set up when you arrive1.
  • Free review
    We’ll review your international needs to ensure your banking needs are covered.
  • Available in 37 countries
    Open an account in 37 different countries including Australia, France and Hong Kong2.
  • Credit history transfer
    By transferring your HSBC credit history, it’s even easier to continue your banking relationship with us2.
  • Fast service

Please allow 30 days prior to your departure, this will ensure you have time to prepare for your application appointment with our International Banking Centre.

Subject to qualifications, status and local country laws and regulations.

This may vary and is dependant on the local laws and regulations of your chosen country.


4 steps to opening an account abroad

1. Contact us

You'll need to start your application at least a month before you need to use your new account by either:


  • speaking to your Premier Relationship Manager
  • visiting your local branch
  • Calling the International Banking Centre on 0345 607 6706, or +44 20 7991 7414* from abroad 

*Lines are open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

If you have completed the online enquiry form you will receive a call within 24 hours to discuss your needs. The International Banking Centre will guide you through the necessary application form and checklist of what documents you need to bring to your local branch.

2. Complete your application

Please set aside 45 minutes to go through the application with an HSBC International Banking Specialist.

You'll need to get the following documents ready:

  • Your passport and proof of address
  • Proof of income and source of income
  • Other documentation such as visas may be required3


If you have any questions prior to the telephone application, you can call our international specialists who will help you.

3. Submit your application

Our International Banking Specialist will make an appointment for you at your local branch so we can verify your documents.

The specialist will guide you on what documentation is required alongside your application form. This will need to be signed in branch and verified by our branch staff.

4. Account opening & Welcome

You can expect your new account to be opened within 10 days once the overseas country receives your complete application and supporting documents. You will then receive your card, pin & cheque book shortly after.

You’ll also receive a welcome call from the International Banking Centre.  They’ll make sure you have everything you need and answer any questions you may have.


Opening an account overseas

Find out how to apply for an overseas account today

Free International Account Opening

If you are applying for an account overseas you need to be an existing customer of HSBC UK. Your overseas application will be subject to the terms and conditions of the country in which you are applying for. This is free for all HSBC UK customers.

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Whether you’re planning to move, study, work or retire abroad. We’re here to help you get ready for a new adventure.