Types of credit cards

What are you looking for in a credit card? From transferring a balance to reduce the amount of interest you pay to building your credit score, they all have different benefits and things to consider.

Before you get a credit card

Get off to the best start possible by making sure you've got your head around some of the finer details.
From what interest is to how to apply, explore the basics when it comes to credit cards.
See the pros and cons of the different types of credit cards.
Find out how a credit limit is calculated and whether or not you're able to change it.
Explains the different types of credit card charges and how to get around them.
See how to avoid fraud and scams, as well as how a credit card gives you extra security.
Looks at what makes up your credit score, plus why it's important when applying for a credit card.
Build your understanding of APR and how it can help you compare credit cards.
Explore how balance transfers work and also what to look for.
See how to make sure there are no mistakes on your credit file before applying for credit.
Unpack some of the common misunderstandings people have when it comes to credit cards.
Offers guiding rules for how to use a credit card so you can see whether one is right for you.

Making the most of your credit card

If you've got some questions about how to use your card, or just want to make sure you're developing good habits and not missing out on some of the benefits, these guides can help.
Details the benefits and considerations of increasing your credit limit, as well as how to increase your chances of being approved.
There's no magic number, but see what the considerations are before taking out another credit card.
See what a reward credit card can offer and when it may cost you.
Tips for using your credit card while travelling so you can stay safe and reduce any fees and charges.
From spending limits to rewards, 8 tips to help you make the most of your credit card.
Find out how to make sure an application for a balance transfer doesn't impact your credit score.
Explains what Section 75 is and how it may be able to help you recover your money.
Explores your options when a balance transfer ends to help you minimise interest charges.