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Online sharedealing

Open an InvestDirect sharedealing account via your online banking

Buy and sell shares online

If you’re happy making your own investment decisions, our online sharedealing platform puts you in control.

InvestDirect provides you with the tools to make informed investment decisions yourself. You can access interactive market research, set up share price alerts and test your trading strategies via a virtual portfolio.

You have full control over your investments and you can trade in UK and US equities, UK government bonds, investment trusts and a range of UK-listed exchange-traded funds. 

Of course, the value of investments and any income they generate, can go down as well as up, meaning you may get back less than what you invest. Remember that exchange rate fluctuations can also cause the value of investments to go down as well as up.

InvestDirect doesn’t offer any investment advice. If you’re not sure about investing, please seek financial advice.

Are you eligible?

You can open a sharedealing account if you’re:


  • an HSBC personal current account customer (excludes HSBC Basic Bank Account)
  • registered for online banking
  • a UK resident or UK Crown employee
  • at least 18 years old
  • you’re not a US national/citizen/resident (eg a US passport or green card holder)

Features & benefits

Competitive pricing

  • Trade online in UK shares for £10.50, or as low as £7.95 for frequent traders
  • Quarterly account fee of £10.50 for the safe custody of your assets
  • No extra costs for holding your investments in an ISA

Easy access

  • Access via your online banking – no new passwords
  • See your trading balance every time you log on
  • Transfer in investments you hold elsewhere
  • To access your money, you can sell your shares at any time – however you should aim to invest for at least 5 years

Choice of 2 accounts

We offer 2 accounts that provide different investment options.


  • trade in UK equities, investment trusts, gilts (UK government bonds) and a range of UK-listed exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • you’ll pay for shares through a settlement account that we set up for you which is linked to your HSBC current account


InvestDirect Plus

At no extra cost, InvestDirect Plus provides you with these added benefits:

  • trade in US equities listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ
  • frequent trader tariff – after your 9th trade in a calendar quarter your online trading fee drops to just £7.95 for UK trades
  • open euro and dollar currency settlement accounts 


Please note, the trading reserve facility is subject to approval and we ask you to deposit at least £10,000 of eligible shares in your InvestDirect Plus account before submitting your trading reserve application.


Less hassle

When you buy shares, we’ll hold them electronically on your behalf. You’ll still be the beneficial owner but by holding them in an account in our name, we can take care of all the administration for you. In other words, you can spend less time on paperwork and more time on your investment strategy.

Simple and clear fees

You pay a quarterly account fee of £10.50 which covers the costs of us running your account and administering your investments. 

We’ll charge you a fixed fee for each trade – online trading in UK shares is £10.50, or as low as £7.95 for frequent traders. 

Please note, other fees such as UK Stamp Duty Reserve Tax and a PTM Levy may apply. 

To read more about our rates and fees, along with the key features of an InvestDirect account and our terms and conditions, click ‘Open a sharedealing account’ below. 

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